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Welcome to the most important journey you will take in your life: the one of making your way back to Self - your more whole and integrated self - and living that Beautiful Life-Expression to more full & complete potential!

"In the creative process of life, every need or desire is first an idea before it is an object: the order of life is Inner before outer. When we don't go with In, we go without.

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Happy & satisfied with the supervision I have receive from Denise. Helps me to feel affirmed in my counselling practice & safe space allows me to bring the warts an all of my work in private practice

My encounter with Denise has developed into a strong relationship that allows me to safely explore my past & clarify my next steps. I'm working on drastic career change & her support has been great.

As a student Counsellor I had therapy with Denise & it helped me a great deal, especially Denise's Psychosocial Spiritual expertise. She is easy to talk to & helped me explore different sides of me.

Supportive & empathetic; I was asked reflective questions; made to think outside the box. She suggested useful books I might read, which I appreciated. Will definitely return in the future if needed.

Professional, kind, empathetic, warm; felt listened to. Gentle challenging; fellow black women: felt further understood. More attuned to authentic self. Amazing breakthrough. Happy student Counsellor!

One of my best choices seeing Denise. Was stuck & in short time Denise help me unpack my bag of rumble. My eyes opened to deep-seated issues hindering me. Now feel confident on road less travelled

Was at a low point struggling with a break-up. Denise’s understanding & non-judgement created space to completely open up. She also helped me to see progress & feel good about myself. I feel brighter

A student counsellor Denise helped me resolve issues from previous relationships. Helped me heal the wounds that were left. I have learned lessons I needed to learn. I cannot thank Denise enough

Positive & rewarding first counselling experience. Gained more self-awareness; helped looking at my problems through different lenses. Counselling saved relationship with son. Very grateful for that.

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