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I am a mother of 2 sons and an overjoyed grandmother of 5. For 37 years I have worked as a psychotherapist: my life's Calling. I have a thriving private practice and never tire of accompanying clients on their unique & original life's Journeys, inspiring them to Live, The Life Imagined. To quote John Muir, The Power of imagination makes us infinite. Discover & Live Your Legend!

I have a huge belief in the transformative power of creativity and learning and growing through the sharing of experiences. I am a lover of life who is passionate about mental health and well-being and raising awareness around it and the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences.

I love writing and have been writing since 9 years old. It was a childhood dream to become a published author one day, a Dream I realised in January 2021 when my book Back to Love was released-much like My Soul & My One True Nature.

My second book- Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto for Re-Connecting To Love, Re-Newing Your Mind, and Radiating Your Light is Now available at Amazon and other major book selling outlets worldwide!

From Childhood To Man: Slipping. Falling. You Can! Get Up! By Maurice Lennon. Maurice is my Dreams-Realising Mentee's first book! My first book writing client, now published author!! Like Back to love and Inner Life Writes, a Dream come true and a book about beating statistics, psychological recovery and Re-Newal.

Back to Love book

Back to Love

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Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto for Re-Connecting to Love, Re-Newing Your Mind & Radiating Your Life

Available on Amazon and all book selling outlets. Order Now!

Life Lessons Mentoring For The Black African & Caribbean Community

From ChildHood To Man: Slipping? Falling? You Can! Get Up!!

About Back to Love

Back to Love is the first book in the Back to Love Series. See Inner Life Writes & From ChildHOOD To Man. More To Come!

Back to Love shares and tells the story of my self-rediscovery, of my psychological, spiritual, social and racial healing journey, undertaken after experiencing, what was then in 1987 called a nervous breakdown.

This mental health crisis- which I go on to more aptly reframe as a Spiritual Breakthrough - was brought on by a range of traumas experienced in childhood and triggered at that time in 1987 by an unwholesome relationship and a troubled relationship with food, namely Bulimia.

This book offers hope and the message that however one’s life starts out, and however the world tries to bury one in "statistic", that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there's that something inside so strong that can help us make it through, begin again, and go on to live a mostly joyous, purposeful, wholehearted and complete life, according to how we choose to experience it.

The book begins when I become a mother at 18 years old and promised myself that being a mother would be the new start, I felt, that my life needed at that time, having come out of a childhood which never truly got started.

As a young mother I promised myself, and my new born child, that this would be his-and my-very best of starts. That decision changed my path and squarely placed me on the road of healing and self-rediscovery, an unfolding and maturation that continues in my life to date.

Happy & satisfied with the supervision I have receive from Denise. Helps me to feel affirmed in my counselling practice & safe space allows me to bring the warts an all of my work in private practice

My encounter with Denise has developed into a strong relationship that allows me to safely explore my past & clarify my next steps. I'm working on drastic career change & her support has been great.

As a student Counsellor I had therapy with Denise & it helped me a great deal, especially Denise's Psychosocial Spiritual expertise. She is easy to talk to & helped me explore different sides of me.

Supportive & empathetic; I was asked reflective questions; made to think outside the box. She suggested useful books I might read, which I appreciated. Will definitely return in the future if needed.

Professional, kind, empathetic, warm; felt listened to. Gentle challenging; fellow black women: felt further understood. More attuned to authentic self. Amazing breakthrough. Happy student Counsellor!

One of my best choices seeing Denise. Was stuck & in short time Denise help me unpack my bag of rumble. My eyes opened to deep-seated issues hindering me. Now feel confident on road less travelled

Was at a low point struggling with a break-up. Denise’s understanding & non-judgement created space to completely open up. She also helped me to see progress & feel good about myself. I feel brighter

A student counsellor Denise helped me resolve issues from previous relationships. Helped me heal the wounds that were left. I have learned lessons I needed to learn. I cannot thank Denise enough

Positive & rewarding first counselling experience. Gained more self-awareness; helped looking at my problems through different lenses. Counselling saved relationship with son. Very grateful for that.

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