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It Is the Relationship That Heals

I am an accredited counsellor with over 37 years counselling experience working with people struggling with all types of problem behaviours, experiences of loss, grief, traumas and challenging life events.

Whatever the presenting problem, or walks of life, I am a therapist who is passionate about life and love and helping others find their way back to who they truly are at the core, and live that unique life-expression to potential, a potential that oftentimes gets lost in the struggle.

We Live in Relationships

We are borne of relationship. Human beings need each other, and first come to know ourselves, and the world, through the relationship with our first primary caregivers; an experience that provides the very blueprint to who we will become, how we will relate to others, and how we see the world and our place within it.

Supportive Therapeutic Psycho-Spiritual Services

Within the safe, empathetic and non-judgmental space of the counseling session, you will be supported to talk more freely about the particular concerns that weigh heavily on you. You will also be ‘held,’ in the therapeutic sense, as you identify, explore, and express difficult and conflicting feelings.

During counseling, you will gain greater insight into your particular life and relationship patterns, and in doing so gain greater self-awareness and capacity for self-compassion.

Additionally, you will be further supported as you find and try out more self-soothing, dream-realising and life-affirming ways of living, being and coping.

I have specialist knowledge and experience working with psychological trauma and recovery, particularly childhood abuse and domestic and sexual violence.

I also work Psycho-Spiritually. The Psychological aspect of work as a Counsellor focuses more on what has gone wrong, how we have been wounded in our relations with others, and how to go about addressing that.  

The Spiritual dimension of my work as a Counsellor & Inspiration Coach focuses more on what is intrinsically right and how we have infinite resources at the core of our nature that we can cultivate in order to live more expansively.  

To quote John Welwood from his book, Perfect Love Imperfect Relationships, 

”The Psychological work thins the cloud, Spiritual work invokes the sun.” 


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